IFWT_Apocalypse and the 4 horsemen
Well it’s really just a tease, but IF you’re as big of a Marvel head as I am, then this is some of the most exciting news you could hear!! Director Bryan Singer(Unusual Suspects, Xmen) hasn’t even officially signed on, but he’s so hype to knock this project out, he shot out a piece of the script, and the internets is going wild over it!!!

Tat Wza

When My Son and I went to see “Days Of Future Past” when it cmd out, I almost had a heart attack at the end when they show Apocalypse, the worst Mutant the Xmen have ever faced, building his pyramid…I was like ‘oh Sh*t just got real!!’, and that was after sitting through the best Xmen movie yet!!!

I can not wait!!!!!

*Hit the Gallery Above to see what Singer posted*

Wonder what the Homie Dj Pete Rock has to say about this, he’s a huge Marvel head!!!