I’m starting to wonder is this becoming overhype?! I mean I really want this(or these) damn iPhones too, but this year the renders and mockups are at at an all time high, and Apple hasn’t ‘officially’ said sh**! I guess that’s why we’re eating this stuff up, ok let the hype continue…

Tat Wza

This video below shows just the screen that lays on the outside front, the front panel, the piece you actually touch, the piece that you worry the most about cracking, in some guys hand, and compared to the current iPhone front panel, we’ll take that;

The Pics in the gallery above are renders of what it will look like based off all the leaks and info given, They are said to give more detail than the ‘dummy’ units produced for real life, I’ll say this, it looks good, Thin, light, yet bigger, check it out!