A British journalist went from editor in chief of the country’s best selling newspaper to a jail cell yesterday. Andy Coulson was told that all his accomplishments “now mean nothing” as a judge sentenced him to eighteen months in jail. The offense ? Conspiring to hack phones. Apparently Coulson had be listening to the voice-mails of celebrities, royals, politicians and crime victims.


The ‘News of the World’ paper shut down in 2011 after a scandal brought to light the hacking that was used to get ahead of the competition. Four others were fired as well as under trial. In 2002 the paper hacked into the voice-mail of a 13 year old girl who was kidnapped and murdered. They delayed telling the police of her whereabouts so that they could get a big scoop on a story and find her themselves. The judge called this “unforgivable.” The scandal revealed a lot of secret ties between journalist, police and politicians, who allowed the newspaper to “bend the law” and invade privacy. Other staff members received lighter sentences because they pleaded guilty. Sources say that Coulson encouraged the hacking rather than stop it, which the judge called “morally wrong.” What do you think? Is phone hacking that big of deal if used to get the latest news stories? Drop your opinion in the comment box below!