The Puerto Rican Princess is reborn! VH1 Reality TV star opened up a new Instagam (JoselineReloaded), and new Twitter account (@Joseline4Ever) after tweets of infidelity and sleeping with Drake, Kevin Durant and other celebs were posted from her previous Twitter account last week. “So today somebody hacked my Twitter page again, ” she said. “It’s all bulls****, it’s all lies. i haven’t been on Twitter in three days. Now Ms. Joseline Reloaded is back, and f*** you hater motherf******.” Check out what else she had to say after the jump.


“I mean can I live? Can I live?” she says in another Instagram post. “Why ya’ll wanna f*** with me? Why ya’ll so mad at me..what have I don’t to anybody but to get money?”

Joseline has posted a lot of outlandish stuff before, do you think she is telling the truth this time? As for her and Stevie’s relationship, the Puerto Rican Princess has yet to comment on their status.


via VladTv

Julissa Bartholomew | Instagram: @TheTrophylife