Lil Mo Beefs With Prince Over Essence Music Festival
Lil’Mo, Lil’Mo it should be known never try and beef with a legend or icon! The backlash is unbelievable and that is just what the rapper received!
Find Out After The Jump What Went Down Between These Two!

Nqobi C

Lil Mo was in attendance at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans this weekend. Prince was slated to hit the stage that night and when it was time for legend to hit the stage, police blocked entrances backstage. This meant bad news for Lil’ Mo as she was heading to use the bathroom.

Frustration arose for Lil Mo as she was blocked by police from using the bathroom despite having a VIP passes. She was “pushed in the stomach” and this didn’t make her too happy.

Lil’Mo took to her instagram to express her frustration, posting one note that said,

“the muthafcukin NOLA police just tried me” and ending it with “erbody think they not human!!! mannnnn… I’m GONE”

BUT! She didn’t stop there! She took it a step further and posted a Kermit the Frog meme towards prince that indicated that Prince wasn’t hitting his not but like he says that’s not his business!

Lil Mo received numerous of backlash from fans of prince commenting on her instagram, one of them even saying,

“No wonder you’re struggling to take care of your kids, look how nasty your attitude is! You’re a royal bitch and very disrespectful. Prince could teach you a few things! Sit that nasty ass attitude down and take notes, hater.”

Prince had a few things to say to Lil’mo, however, deleted them all almost immediately. Luckily we have the comments of the fans.

Ohhh, I guess Prince knew he had an army of devoted fans that will have his back and he did! He aint gotta fight nothing!

Check out the gallery to see Lil’ Mo Instagram posts and the backlash she received!