Chris Brown & Karrueche on the 4th of July

Noooo! Guys, I’m legitimately sad right now! As I always do because I’m a huge Chris Brown/Karrueche stan, I went to their respective pages this morning so I could make a post about their weekend, and what I saw was not at ALL what I expected! Instead of pics of them cuddled up and loving life, there was NO traces of them as a couple on either page, and Kae has posted a bunch of quotes about losing love. They were JUST together on Friday. WHY CAN’T YOU TWO MAKE IT WORK?! Damn it!

I mean, this could be a blessing in disguise, as Chris REALLY needs to focus on his career now more than ever. However, it seems like Karrueche was a super understanding ride-or-die, so those two things can definitely mix, especially considering the fact he seems like he needs a woman that can be around him often, which Kae is definitely able to do. I’m sure they’ll get right back to it eventually. Who knows, though…maybe they didn’t even breakup at all! Maybe…just maybe…Chris was tired of getting heat for posting booty pics of Kae, and maybe both were tired of all the comments from Rihanna stans, so perhaps they’re choosing to be more private about their relationship? That doesn’t help explain the losing love quotes, though. Man!

Marisa Mendez