Some may not remember, but similar to the beef that brewed between Common and Drake not too long ago, there was once a feud between the Chicago rapper and Ice Cube. This one — that stayed on wax — birthed songs directly targeted at one another, unlike the most recent. After a sit down with Minister Louis Farrakhan, the beef was squashed. Now, with both artists making major moves on the silver screen, both reflect and look to the future… which could possibly mean a movie. Hit the jump for more!

Jamaal Fisher

In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, where they asked: “You and Ice Cube are big box-office draws now. You had a brief squabble with him on wax in the ‘90s against each other, and squashed that not long after it began. Given the chance today, would you ever collaborate with Cube in a film or a record?”

Common responded with:

I’d say “for sure.” I would collaborate with him. It would be fun to do a film with him. The right project, I would definitely be down with doing a movie with Ice Cube. You know, Ice Cube is someone that, point blank, before he dissed me I loved him, and through the diss, I still respected him. But I had to fight back, and I’m a fighter, so I did what I had to do. But then after we settled things, it was always like I still had admiration for him and honor what he’s done in music and film. He’s been incredible in both mediums. So I definitely would do something with him. It would preferably be a movie, because he does some fun different stuff. And I would like to do something, I don’t know, but it would be a great idea though.