NFL: Washington Redskins-OTA

You idiot!! LMAO. SMH, really?!  There’s been a lot of talk about the possibility of changing the Redskins name and everyone’s got an opinion on it.  Well a paper recently asked some folks what they thought and this genius gave his opinion with a joke — but that’s not where the problem was — the paper used his picture and name … which lead to his arrest.  Gotta be smarter than that son!!
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Via YahooSports:

All right, Jacob Close of Bloomsburg University wasn’t arrested specifically for telling the “redskin potato” gag. But he got a wee bit too clever in the pages of the Pennsylvania college’s student newspaper:

IFWT_Arrest redskins

Guess what: police read the newspaper too. Campus police had been searching for Close for years in connection with a drug/DUI-related case. When they saw the photo, they staked out his car and nabbed him soon afterward.