Meek Mill

Philly’s own Meek Mill has headed back to his hometown to support the fallen children, that fell victim to a burning house July 5th in Southwest Philadelphia.

Adriela Batista

After hearing about a tragic fire taking over a house in Philly and killing 4 children through a tweet sent by radio station 107.9, Meek has responded to support the tragedy. Meek who donated an unknown amount to the families has spoken out about the tragedy and says;

“I just wanted to come out and participate and bring my help to the families and everybody that took a loss in this situation,” Meek Mill says, “’cause I be feeling like nine times out of 10 they never really use us in a way that it could benefit the community, so you know I come out and use myself.

“Only time I’m really on the news or on the radio it’s something about probation,” he continues. “I feel like I’m in a position [where] I could be able to help these people so easily, get donations and get things they need to help them with their losses right now so you know I’m gonna do it.”