Leaks pon Leaks Pon Leaks, I love Apple, but I’m starting to get bored with all these damn leaks, like today, we have the actual back panel, in black, like ok ok, BUT then I ran across this info about the battery that leaked, that I think you want to know!!

Tat Wza

The photos in the gallery above of the back panel are somewhat boring, but this video is better:

Now this Battery Info I know you want!

The 4.7 inch will have a 15% bump with a 1800mAh battery and the 5.5 inch will have a 2500mAh battery.

Some people are worried the extra screen size will take away from that bump(especially if you’re a mobile gamer) and put iPhone users back where the started, constantly plugged in, but we won’t really know until we either get hard data(pause), or in our hands(also pause).

panel source; 9to5

Battery Source; Geek