Fans are looking at everything for any sign of what LeBron’s free agency move is going to be.  Well now some fans think this is another sign that he’s headed to the Cavaliers.  I think everyone just needs to relax and stop looking into things too much.  Check it out & let us know what you think?!
FYI – Analysts believe LeBron will announce his decision before he heads to the World Cup on Saturday — stay tuned!





Via DailyDot:

Cue the impatient conspiracy theorists.

Twitter thinks that James and Cleveland Cavalier young guns Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson are hiding imminent intentions in plain site. It’s surface logic, sure. Notice some familiar language strewn across their respective bios?

All three feature “La Familia” on their Twitter bios.

Via Complex:

So what does it mean? Well, we’re honestly not sure. It seems as though it’s just a coincidence and that they’ve all had “La Familia” in their Twitter bios for quite some time now (for the record, we checked and Irving has had it there since at least 2012, while Thompson has had it there since last year). But a whole bunch of people think it means that LeBron is definitely headed back to the Cavs.