Dan Gilbert’s infamous letter about Lebron James back in 2010 after he left Cleveland for Miami might still come back to bite him in 2014. According to reports even though time has passed and people feel different about the situation, it appears Lebron has never forgotten about Gilbert’s reaction and that quite possibly could be what is holding up his decision this time around. Hit the jump for more.


According to numerous reports, if not for that letter four years ago, Lebron would already have signed with Cleveland again this week. The letter was recently removed from the Cavs’ website. While it is out of sight for most, it apparently isn’t out of LeBron’s mind. Per Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, there is a growing feeling that Gilbert’s fury from four years ago could push James back to South Beach.

The Heat seem to be using that to their advantage in talks with King James and it seems that it might be working to help soften his stance on what to do. If that ultimately happens, then it will come as a surprise to the Cavaliers. According to Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio, the organization isn’t aware of the letter playing any type of role in LeBron’s decision-making process.

If we are being honest though most of this is “he said, she said” type material that is not backed up by any real factual proof. Yes these “sources” could turn out to be 100% correct, but nobody has still heard a word from Bron himself, just rumors and rumors and more rumors.

Dan Gilbert better be doing all he can to show remorse and hope Lebron will let things be in the past.