Four young boys, none over the age of 11, from Oklahoma City decided that borrowing mom and dads pick up for a little rebellious fun wouldn’t quite cut it. Instead they stole a water tanker truck and took it for a joy ride. Find out the whole story after the jump!


Ervin Aguilar, 11, Benjamin Pryor, 9, Dreon Fisher, 8, and Roberto Misquez, 10, were arrested on June 23rd after officers found the four boys driving the truck around on company property. Atleast they weren’t out on the roads endangering not only their own lives but those of many more.

Officers were called at around 6:10 pm on June 23rd to Minick Materials on a complaint of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. A witness told police that the boys found the keys in the truck and drove around for about 20 minutes.

After they were apprehended by police all three minors were taken home and released to their guardians. Looks like they’ll have a major story to share with the other kids on the playground.