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Everybody’s got a problem with Ye these days. Aside from angry concert goers mad at Yeezy for making concerts and festivals the platform for his tyrannical rants, it appears that a star from ABC’s hit show ‘Revenge’ got a beef with Yeezy too. The sad part is, Ye probably doesn’t even know this cat. The cause and effect of his reputation (and mouth) preceding him. See what the actor had to say about Ye inside!

ABC’s ‘Revenge’ star Nick Wechsler seems to have a lot to say about Kanye not being his favorite person, in August issue of Bleu Magazine.

Andrea G

Page Six reports

“The outspoken Wechsler also says in the August issue he’s no Kanye West fan.
If the choice is between Kanye and anyone else, I’m picking the other guy,” says Wechsler, who poses in a bubble bath. Just his personality . . . It’s hard not to want bad things for him.”

I guess Kanye makes everyone feel some type of way. Is all this Kanye hate justified?