This Friday in a Texas Courtroom Ronald Lee Haskell fainted while the judge read his six murder charges. Police held him for about twenty minutes before he fell again and had to be put in a desk chair and wheeled out of the courtroom. The 33 year old suspect is going to have to listen to the mass murder charges again, including the killing of four children on his arraignment set on August 14.


It is hard to imagine the amount of terror that was running through the victims minds or the bloody gruesome horror that followed. What is clear is that people close to Haskell felt threatened by him for a long time. His own mother reported to police that after an argument Haskell physically restrained her and prevented her from leaving her home. At the advice of the local police department she obtained a restraining order against her son. A week later Haskell entered the home of his estranged wife demanding to know where she was. Melanie Haskell had an order of protection against the gunman as well, domestic violence the cause. Even though she was not there, this did not stop him from killing almost everyone in the house. Stephen Stay, 39; Katie Stay, 33; two boys, ages 13 and 4; and two girls, ages 9 and 7 were all victims of Haskell’s wrath. Only one person survived, a 15 year old girl who throughout this terrible ordeal kept it together enough to play dead and call 911 as soon as the killer left. She warned the police of where she thought Haskell would end up next. She is being named a hero by many including the father of Katy Stay one of Haskell’s victims. Its interesting to note that Melanie Haskell reported numerous violations of her order of protection against the gunman for reasons such as death threats and showing up at her children’s school. Police say none of these violations were prosecuted.