Russia’s new commuter tram looks like something from a sci-fi film.

IFWT Tech Tat Wza says, “A little quirky looking and IDK about looking like the Batmobile, but extremely cool, pretty pretty cool(My Larry David Voice), seriously though, when can we see this type of upgrade on the A train?????”

The futuristic tram has LED cabin lights, felt-covered sofas, wooden handrails, and sliding glass doors that operate by touchscreen!

Laura Rodriguez

The tram is cutting-edge on the inside, too. The cabin features music changing for your mood and to suit the time of day. You’ll also find positioning (GPS), air conditioning, anti-bacterial hand rails and WiFi. The driver even gets a USB 3.0 port that can keep a phone powered up.Fancy ass train, when will the U.S. get those.