A recent autopsy has confirmed what investigators have suspected to be a double murder-suicide since January. A disturbed mother shot both of her teenage kids before turning the rifle on herself. She left behind her ex-husband to discover the bloody scene. “Oh, s–t,” dad Richard Berman told the dispatcher after discovering his son’s body. “I was just all touching his head. He wasn’t waking up. His alarm was on, he wasn’t waking up, there’s blood in his ear.”


Jennifer Berman, 48 told her ex-husband in an e-mail that she was doing the best thing for her family. She also sent a text to her cousin saying that she planned to harm her children. Investigators discovered her laying on a bed with a rifle on top of her lifeless body, leaving behind a suicide note next to a couple of empty wine bottles. Jennifer Berman and Richard Berman were divorced in December 2013 and she was in danger of losing everything, including her house due for foreclosure in February. Accustomed to a more luxurious lifestyle the pressure was too much. Court documents show that Berman claimed to have to pawn valuable items and work 12 hour overnight shifts as a nurse in a failing attempt to pay the bills. Jacqueline(16) and Alexander(15), were straight A students and musicians at a local prestigious high school for the arts.