Lol, it’s always something isn’t it?!  Fans just love to debate about athlete’s pictures.  This debate comes courtesy of Saints QB Drew Brees.  Brees is in L.A. for the ESPYs and hit up Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles.  I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never had the opportunity to try, but it’s my goal one day to get that done!  Well he tweet about his experience and it’s started a debate about the “right” way to eat it.
Check out what he did, what some fans think & let us know your opinion…





Via TMZ:

But the real issue is the photo he included — which clearly shows Drew eats the chicken and the waffle SEPARATELY!!!!!

It’s become a fiery issue in the office … with some people saying the chicken and the waffle are NOT meant to be enjoyed in the same bite while others argue it’s ALL ABOUT COMBINING THE FLAVORS.

So, did Drew violate the unwritten rule about chicken & waffle consumption … or is he enjoying the combo the way Roscoe intended???