This is truly heartbreaking. Apparently on thurs afternoon(7/17/14), a 400 pound man named Eric Garner, 43, broke up a fight on Staten Island, and when the cops stepped to him about it, things went south.

Tat Wza

NYPD for some reason decided to try and put Garner in custody, and because of his size they used several officers and one put him in a choke hold whole pushing him to the ground, some report that he got his head pushed into the sidewalk. Immediately Garner was trying to tell police he can’t breathe…”I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe”.

Police were allegedly harassing Garner because he has a history of selling untaxed cigarettes, but the camera guy is saying they were messing with him because he broke up a fight. Internal affairs is investigating. RIP Eric Garner!!

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