_Are Fried Chicken Flavored Oreos A Hoax

A photo of fried chicken-flavored Oreos sparked a lot of questions as to whether the new flavor is real or a fake. Find out more on the story after the jump!


The “fried chicken” Oreo flavor has caused in uproar around the web for Oreo lovers who hoped that the flavor was real. But it turns out that the “limited edition” fried chicken-flavored Oreo is a hoax.

An image of fried chicken Oreos that was posted online caused the company to issue a response. An employee wrote an email to the Public Investigator which stated, “The flavor you are referring to is in fact not real.” Oreo already has flavors such as chocolate, mint, berry, lemon, marshmallow and peanut butter. It turns out that the photo is just a good case of Photoshop.

Check out photos of the fried chicken-flavored Oreo hoax in the gallery!