Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union sent out their wedding invitations and it looks like they want the function to be top secret and away from social media.  The only celebrity couple I’ve ever seen actually pull this off is Jay Z and Beyonce.  So can Wade and Gabby do it too?  Check out the rules and procedures for their nuptials.

Shay Marie

Of course TMZ Sports got their hands on the invitations which are made of wood btw.  The couple strictly prohibits all cell phones and cameras.  Now I’ve seen this rule before but like I said it didn’t work.  Well Wade and Gabby haven’t even released the location.  The guests are given the address of a famous hotel where a bus will pick them up and then drive them to the actual location of the wedding.  The guests must also go through security where their phones and cameras will be confiscated.

The wedding is set for August 30th in Miami.