IFWT_Young Berg 2

Well in cased you didn’t know, rapper turned producer Young Berg is out here getting it, and has been working with some of the biggest names in music for a while. Berg who is has been hard at work in the studio, working with the likes of Puffy, for upcoming studio album ‘Money Making Mitch’, as well as with industry bestie, Nicki Minaj for upcoming ‘Pink Print’ album. See what Berg had to say about Nicki’s ‘Pink Print’, as well as new music from pop star Rihanna inside!

Berg sure does get around! No pun intended. The Grammy-nominated producer-songwriter, has worked with the likes of Lil Wayne, Tamar Braxton, and Ray J, is cooking up that work for the likes of Nicki M, Diddy, as well as Rhi Rhi who he just wrote a song for.

Listen to what Berg AKA “Hit Maka” had to say about the ‘Pink Print’ and new music from Rihanna.

Andrea G

You eager to see what the new projects Berg is working on will sound like?