With Wiz Khalifa’s third album,”Blacc Hollywood,” dropping in August, Wiz had been on tour and doing a slew of interview. In a recent interview with Vlad TV, he revealed the idea behind his album title and the reason for the use “Blacc.”

Jade Raven

Wiz says he had the creatives and masterminds in mind when he came up with the title, “Blacc Hollywood.” In the interview, he explains that he wanted to get the attention off of color by choosing to title the album Blacc Hollywood as opposed to Black Hollywood.

“Just to get everybody to—Like all the real creative people and the masterminds behind the shit that people see,” he said. “I just wanted them to embrace their mind state and really have somebody telling them that their game plan is cool enough for the world. Cause I come from that whole underdog and that whole behind the scenes and then to the front of the scenes era. So, I just want people to know that I got em. I’m holding it down…I wanted to get away from the color of it first of all because a lot of people associate black Hollywood with like the blaxploitation movies or just black actors in general. So, I just wanted to get away from the color and just more aiming towards an attitude and the more general purpose for everybody.”