Hmmm, isn’t this interesting!!  Rockets baller James Harden is known for linking up with super curvy women — so this wouldn’t surprise me at all.  Apparently he’s dating a reality star — someone put 1 and 1 together and got the 2 of them.  lol.  It’s amazing to me how some fans really look closely at things and figure it out.  Photos say A LOT.
So who’s the mystery woman?!  Check it out & stay tuned…





Via BallerAlert:

Tahiry was spotted alongside Houston Rockets star James Harden in Asia this week, specifically in China where the two took pics at The Great Wall and thought no one would notice.

First the these two were spotted at the airport. Then the two snapped pics at The Great Wall. Mr. Harden has since deleted his pics from social media…hmmm…

And in case you thought these two just met on the plane or something, Tahiry commented on a Harden’s sister’s instagram post in the past. In the photo you’ll see James Harden hanging out with the kids of the Dominican Republic, where Tahiry is from. Tahiry and James Harden also both participated in Luda Day Weekend in Atlanta last year where they likely could have met.