If you do not know how to park correctly and considerately, you might want to learn now! An angry self appointed parking specialist in Queens, spray painted two cars that he felt was parked incorrectly. Imagine going outside to your car and it’s sprayed up with curse words and slander? How tight would you be? Check out the deets and the pics!

Jayyiah Coles

“Learn to park S bag,” the angry vandal spray painted on the side of a silver car parked in Glendale.The car’s owner woke up Wednesday to the furious message.

“I know how hard it is to find spots in this neighborhood. So I would try to leave space if there was space,” the woman told CBS. “So it’s like, very upsetting.”
Another car just two blocks away had “Hey scumbag park right” emblazoned in black spray paint on its side and windows.

But neighbors said the targeted cars were parked correctly.
“There was no way another car would have fit there,” Doreen Pratt said.
“A smart car was even too big for it.”

New York Post