While at first it was questioned if Raekwon would even be on upcoming album, A Better Tomorrow, due to controversy within the group, now The Chef is saying things are well on their way for the upcoming release of the Wu’s reunion album. Find out what he had to say after the jump!


A beef between Raekwon and RZA almost put a snag on the Wu’s first album since their 2007 release of 8 Diagrams. Raekwon even threatened to go on “strike” from the clan. However, now it seems things are going in a complete different direction. While we’ve known for awhile that the beef was squashed, now Raekwon has come out and confirmed it himself that everything is in the works for the upcoming release.

“We finally reached some kind of great agreement, me and RZA. And, yeah, everything is starting to happen… it’s starting to make sense. I can’t really give you too much ballistics on that, but as far as me being on board to do what I’m supposed to do, my team is telling me that it’s going to be a great situation. So I’m excited,” The Chef said.

Looks like Wu fans have nothing to worry about! The clan will all be here!