Lil Reese


Young Chop says we haven’t heard anything yet from Chicago’s Lil’ Reese and thinks he’s better than Chief Keef? “He gonna get that motherf****** star power. I know he’s a star bro. He bigger than Keef to me. Like he’s way bigger. He bigger than all of them. That’s just how I feel. I know this cuz I’ve been around him. It’s crazy because he’s really a good songwriter. He knows how to structure a song and all that. I showed him one time and he caught on to that shit. Cuz at first, he didn’t know how to do hooks and shit,” he said. Still speaking highly of the Chicago rapper Young Chop explains why Reese isn’t dropping any music. Hit the jump.

When asked why Reese has only put out one mixtape titled Supa Savage, the producer says ”That’s just how Reese is. He just don’t give a fuck. He has so much music that you don’t even know about though. He has a lot of music. He just don’t be wanting to drop his shit. I don’t know why though,” he said.


via [VladTV]

Julissa Bartholomew | Instagram: @TheTrophylife