Donald Sterling tried to block his wife, Shelly Sterling’s sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.  Shelly claimed Donald was examined by two doctors and deemed mentally incapacitated, which put her in charge of the Sterling Family Trust giving her the right to make the $2 billion sale.  Donald claims he’s perfectly fine which would void the sale but on Monday a judge ruled against him.

Shay Marie

via USA Today:

Judge Michael Levanas handed down an “oral tentative statement decision” that affirmed Shelly Sterling had the authority to reach an agreement in May to sell the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who has set an Aug. 15 deadline to complete the deal. The judge said he would review objections before issuing a written ruling.

“I can’t believe it’s over. I feel good,” Shelly Sterling said.

Even if Donald Sterling continues to fight, included in the judge’s ruling is a provision in California trust law that allows Shelly Sterling to proceed with the sale of the team “as if no appeal were pending,” according to provision 1310(b).

“We are pleased that the court has affirmed Shelly Sterling’s right to sell the Los Angeles Clippers to Steve Ballmer,” said Mike Bass, the NBA executive vice president, communications. ” We look forward to the transaction closing as soon as possible.”