I mean he got super lucky with getting away with walking into an Apple store, using a debit card that was connected to a closed account, ‘purchasing’ $7200 worth of Apple equipment, but then to go back and do it 42 times 0_o

Tat Wza

Now I’m sure Apple is changing the way they do things if it isn’t changed already, but what had happened was dude(Sharron Parrish from Tampa Florida) acted as if he was calling the bank when the card initially declined, and made it seem like the bank gave him a code, which he made up, but since the Apple check out computer merely logs the code and doesn’t confirm anything, it all went through.

A Secret Service criminal complaint charges Parrish with wire fraud, alleging that he tricked Apple clerks in 16 states into accepting meaningless override codes. He is accused of hitting the Brandon store twice, along with stores in Orlando, Wellington and Boca Raton […]

The Tampa charge was filed by Secret Service Special Agent Bryan Halliwell, with assistance from investigators for Apple and Chase Bank. John Joyce, special agent in charge of the Secret Service in Tampa, said the solution is for merchants to not permit hand-keyed overrides.

Now the Apple employee was actually supposed to be the one’s to call the bank, and because they didn’t, Apple has to eat the $309K, Nuts!!