Stephen A. Smith got in trouble after his comments on First Take concerning domestic violence.  He said women should not “provoke” an attack and many felt he was blaming women for the domestic violence attacks that happen to them.  Since then he has clarified what he really meant and apologized three times, twice on Twitter and once on air.  Following his apology on First Take, ESPN decided to suspend him for a week, a punishment Smith thinks is deserved.

Shay Marie

Stephen A. Smith says he will not challenge ESPN’s decision to suspend him for the “foolish” statements he made about domestic violence on the air telling TMZ Sports, “It was my mistake.”

“I’m a man you deal with the things that you do,” Smith told TMZ at LaGuardia Airport.

Smith said he has not yet spoken with ESPN co-worker Michelle Beadle — who was extremely critical of his comments — but praised Beadle as a “great person.”