This is kind of the last law suit we would have ever predicted Lil Wayne to be facing. Apparently, Lil Wayne agreed to pay a jet company $55,000 a month to fly him wherever he needed but when it came time to shell out the dough, he dipped. Lil Wayne has plenty of money, what’s 55 Gs to him, really? Find out the whole story after the jump!


The jet company is suing Wayne and Young Money Entertainment as a whole for a whopping million bucks in return for missing payments on an agreement which arranged a lease of a G-1159B Gulfstream jet for $55K a month, plus maintenance and landing fees.

But that’s not all, the jet company is also claiming to have pimped out the jet to fit Weezy’s “lifestyle preferences” by including satellite phones, a custom bed and medical equipment all on board the jet.

According to TMZ, Young Money made their payments for a year and then suddenly stopped. No word from Wayne yet on the suit but there’s gotta be something behind it. It’s highly doubtful that he’s not paying cause he can’t afford it.