The duet performance we’ve all been waiting for has come to a screeching halt. Drake and Chris Brown were supposed to unveil their new song on Monday at OVO Fest, but the plan has been scrapped because Chris Brown can’t get into the country!

Jade Raven

TMZ has learned that Breezy was to join Drake on stage at OVO Fest Monday night to perform the song they on collaborated last month. Remember the picture of Drake and Chris in the studio together?

This performance was slated to be epic considering it’s the first time they would’ve performed together. Plus, there are veiled references to Rihanna in the song.

So why the cancellation?

According to TMZ, Chris Brown’s people had to back out of the performance because Chris could never get passage into Canada due to his felony charge. He was convicted of a crime, and Canada has close to a zero tolerance policy when it comes to letting criminals into the country.

Chris Brown’s people broke the news to him, and any attempt to make the concert would be pointless.


Maybe Drake will release the song anyway in lieu of Breezy’s absence. That performance would have been one for the record books! Do you agree?

Or maybe we’ll get a chance to see these two perform for the first time together at this year’s VMA’s? *Wink, wink. Crosses fingers.*