IFWT_Selena Gomez Gets Into Car Accident 2

What’s with celebs and car accidents? Halle Berry, Lindsay Lohan, etc. Shrugs, I guess they’re just like any other bad driver. Well looks like this young starlet who’s been involved in quite the love triangle with her ex boo, ended up backing into another car. See the young star and damage done in the minor accident, and who she faults for the incident inside!

Young pop star, Selena Gomez was the driver responsible for the accident, where her car had minor damage done to it, but noticeable. It is unknown if the other car sustained any damage, but they did exchange info and no police were called. Selena clearly blames the paparazzi for the debacle according to her Tweet.

Andrea G

See Selena throw shade at the paparazzi and the damage done to her whip in the gallery above