According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a woman was arrested yesterday after she supposedly attempted to steal a police car that was sitting outside a Wiz Khalifa after party while two officers were still inside! Now, what kind of stupidity is that? Find out the whole story after the jump!


There is more to the story. The officers were in plainclothes and the car that was stolen happened to be unmarked, which would explain the woman’s foolish actions.

The car was parked outside Club Xtaxa in Pittsburgh where the after party for Wiz Khalifa’s concert was held when Ria Buford, 32, jumped into the drivers seat. According to the police report, Buford arrived at around 2 a.m., reeking like alcohol and told the two officers who were still in the car, one in the passenger’s seat and one in the back, that she was just taking the car to her own vehicle.

When Buford was being removed from the car an unknown man intervened, causing another arrest. Both Buford and the unidentified man were charged with public drunkenness.

Buford also got charged with disorderly conduct and robbery of a motor vehicle. Bravo. That’s some classy stuff right there.