One question might come to some of ya’ll minds, did Musiq “Soul” out?
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The answer is NO! If anything The Husel is giving us exactly what we want! The whole idea of being creative, is to keep creating new things, going down different avenues and experimenting, whether people accept it or not. The Husel made his debut on July 29th at his exclusive listening session at Madame X in Manhattan, NY. He performed his singles, “Generate”, “Greatest” and “Grinding” from his forthcoming project, Husel Music. Cash Out, Bone Crusher, Fred The Godson and T.Pain are some of the artists featured on his highly anticipated mixtape.

But WHO exactly is The Husel you ask? Well, he explains!

“The Husel is a concept, It’s not about me as a person,or different then an actor in a movie or being about the actor, it’s about the character that’s being played. The Husel’s whole mission and The Husel’s whole movement is basically to musically represent the soundtrack to the everyday grind, that’s who The Husel is making music for. That teacher teaching them kids, that doctor in that hospital, that chef at that restaurant, that barber in that shop, that newscaster on TV, that DJ on the radio in that club, anybody that is doing something to make it happen for themselves, that’s what The Husel is about, I’m trying to be as positive and motivational as possible.”

Don’t worry ladies! He isn’t leaving R&B behind! The Husel lets us know that he has the “other brand” still in tact. When we are ready for Musiq, just let him know and he will happily give us what we want, but as of right now, it’s time to “TURN UP” LOL.

I’m excited about the change and look forward to hearing more! What do you think about The Husel??

Picture Credit: Vocab Magazine