Nicki Minaj sat down with Carson Daly of AMP Radio and dished on the status of her upcoming album, The Pink Print.

Jade Raven

During the interview, Nicki offered a brief update on the album, revealing a possible release date, hoping to release the album before the year is up.

Labeling her new album “amazing,” Nicki speaks about her growth as an artist and recalls fellow Young Money mate, Drake, being caught off guard and praising the rapper for addressing new topics on the album.

“The album will definitely be out in the fourth quarter of the year,” Nicki Minaj said, according to CBS Local. “I just have to say that I’m at such a different place as a human being. I know artists say that all the time, but now I understand why. Nothing really surprises me anymore. I handle things more maturely. Just writing wise I can put my thoughts together better, I feel. So, sonically I think the album sounds so amazing. And there are so many surprises on the album. I had Drake come by the studio the other day and he was like ‘Oh my God, you’re talking about new stuff, I’m so proud of you.’ And that’s what I’m most excited about. I’m speaking about new things on this album. I’m excited. I’m not allowing anyone else to define what the album is going to be. I’m comfortable, it’s not going to be rushed, I’m taking my time. But overall the music just sounds really, really great. There’s no substitute for that.”

So when can we expect The Pink Print to hit stores? According to Nicki, the album will be released during the fourth quarter of this year.