Thanks to a fan, we now have footage of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne from the movie’s Detroit shoot.

Jade Raven

We already know what Ben Affleck looks like as Batman in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we now get a glimpse of Ben as Bruce.

Fan Samuel Otten, who shared photos that were edited into a video slideshow via ComicBookMovie.com, shows Affleck as an older version of Bruce Wayne donning grey-haired temples.

The video shows the crew prepping for the scene with Affleck standing in front of a bus named “Metropolis City Bus.” In a another video (see below\, footage from the Detriot set shows ariel shots of an aftermath, possibly the wreckage of “Wayne Financial.”

We can only assume “Bruce” in investigating the destruction of one of his Metropolis businesses and this is what brings Batman and Superman together.