These H*es ain’t loyal! The Misstress of famous music mogul Ted Cohen, whom is famous for working with everyone from Prince to Van Halen, is suing the mogul not just for a little bit of money. Deborah Sass is suing for LIFETIME support. So if he dies first, do she still get money? Hit the jump for more details!


Sass claims Cohen had Sass run his company — TAG Strategic, a digital entertainment consulting firm — and she says she slaved away, working 70 hours a week and she didn’t get a salary most of the time … he simply said he was taking care of her.

You know how this ends. Sass says in 2012, Cohen’s divorce still was not final and they argued bitterly, splitting up in December of that year.

She says she never got a real salary and he also is refusing to support her for the rest of her life.

She’s suing for 50% of his income.

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