IFWT_great white shark
Actually, he would have caught the moment just before his death, which is kinda nuts, Some how took an underwater selfie with a Great White opening his ‘Jaws’ behind him.

Tat Wza

A satire site published that;

‘An Oregon couple(James Crowlett and his wife) in Florida on their honeymoon eyeing the sites and Disney World, which he wanted to be at because of a childhood trip. Apparently As soon as the picture was taken it auto published yo FB, where his friends proceeded to think it was a joke and left comments like “Watch Out for that great white shark! Lol!”. The moment after the picture, Crowlett was torn apart by the predator, including his right leg being torn off. Although lifeguards got him into a boat, he lost too much blood, and died in the hospital.’

But the real deal is that as far as I know, FB doesn’t auto-publish pics, and there is no way this guy wouldn’t have seen this thing coming his way, although if real he would not have gotten away. This must be in honor of Shark Week, which starts today.

See the fake photo in the gallery, and go to the source for the FULL satire story.