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Brigham Young University aka BYU is a private college run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  That means they are very religious and have a certain set of rules that some might consider ridiculous, like this one.  But it’s a part of their faith and one football player learned he has to abide by the rules.

Shay Marie

via The Salt Lake Tribune

Devon Blackmon, a transfer from Riverside (Calif.) College who originally began his college career at Oregon, noted on his Twitter account on Monday night that his first action of the season will be against Texas on Sept. 6 in Week 2.

“Rules are rules … Abide by them or suffer the consequences … Looking forward to the Texas game,” Blackmon tweeted, using the Twitter handle @AshantiBlackmon (now deleted).

When I tweeted “Is BYU WR @AshantiBlackmon out for the UConn game? Sure sounds like it.”

Blackmon replied “yea, We have team standards, and there’s consequences if you don’t follow them, I shouldn’t wear earrings But I’ll bounce back.”

The BYU honor code prohibits — among many, many other things — male students from having their ears or any other part of their body pierced.  One former player however doesn’t believe Blackmon’s story and thinks he’s covering up the real reason.

Defensive back Mike Hague, who graduated last spring wrote on his Twitter account,

@Mikehague32: “Earrings??? Ha that’s comical and highly inaccurate. #smokescreen