People say the signs are always there, we just choose to ignore them.  MMA fighter War Machine is still on the run after allegedly brutally beating his ex-girlfriend, porn star Christy Mack.  Prior to their breakup the two did an interview with MMAfighting.com discussing the new tattoos they got for each other.  During the interview War Machine said something that seems so spooky after what transpired.

Shay Marie

Christy Mack got a branded tattoo on her back saying “Property of War Machine”.  In order to outdo her he got a huge tattoo on his neck that says “MACK”.

When the interviewer asked how he would explain the tat if they ever broke up War Machine said he would simply add the letters “R.I.P.” so it would serve as “a memorial to my dead girlfriend.”

Mack then chimed in, “Honestly, I would probably deserve it.”

She certainly didn’t deserve the 18 broken bones in her face and ruptured kidney, no matter what War Machine claims to have seen when he visited her.

h/t TMZ Sports