By Scott Pollack

By Scott Pollack

Dating isn’t easy, especially for professional athletes.  It’s hard to sift through the women that actually care about them and the women that just care about the money and fame.  Social media and dating sites have made things easier, not only making women more accessible, but this new app is helping them conceal who they really are.

Shay Marie

via Wall Street Journal:

There are numerous online-dating sites and platforms, but several Jets use Tinder, a free smartphone app that is useful for travelers who want to meet locals. In Cortland, a city of 19,000 in upstate New York where the Jets are holding training camp, at least 11 players had active Tinder profiles in late July.

The app lets people search for other users within a radius they specify, which must be between one and 100 miles. People see photos of potential mates. If interested, they swipe the photo of the person they like to the right. If not, they swipe to the left. If two people indicate mutual interest in each other, Tinder alerts both and lets them send each other messages through the app.

Simple enough.  However from what I heard, Tinder is a hookup app.  People meet, have sex, and some never speak to each other again.  Athletes are known for having their pick of women, and at times go through multiple women.  Who knows maybe these Jets players are looking for love, I wish them good luck.