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Well isn’t this interesting?!  Mayweather has never hidden the fact that he believes men should be able to date multiple women at the same time.  Remember his “30 Days in May” documentary?!   Well it looks like Floyd Mayweather has added another one to his collection.  He’s dropped hints about this one since July and now it seems he’s made it more official.  I wonder how Bad Medina feels about this?!
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On Monday Liza Hernandez — who has been linked to former Lakers owner Jerry Buss and numerous other athletes (you can see the alleged list here) — made Floyd her #MCM.  Well on late Wednesday night, Floyd returned the favor and made her his #WCW (screenshots in gallery).

Again, it’s not the first we heard of Liza.  She seems to be a part of “The Money Team.”  They were spotted hugged up on a private jet in the beginning of July (photo in gallery), she’s also been spotted at dinner with Floyd’s daughter (photo in gallery) and the latest was when Floyd posted a video showing off three Bugatti’s he bought for three women in his life — and he tagged her as one of them.

Stay tuned to see how this all unfolds!!