IFWT_lat-Cops in fergersontoday
This situation is definitely crazy, but the community has had enough, and with police detaining 2 major journalist, it’s clear the local police force is over it’s head! Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery, and HuffPosts Ryan J. Reilly were sitting in a McDonald’s while filing their reports, and out of no where Police stormed Micky D’s to grab up the Media workers, pulled them out to a van and put them in. Apparently they were released a few hours later after other reports in the are made calls to the Chief. What was the cops excuse you ask….

Tat Wza

Apparently the police are saying they stormed McDonald’s because 2 guys on their computers sitting down inside a Major fast food chain were not leaving fast enough 0_0

Although 1 reporter cites when he informed the chief, he seemed genuinely surprised, which would genuinely surprised me 0_0

Ok look in the gallery to see the proof of detainment, and some other photo’s caught by twitter users and Journalist, this is Nuts!!!