salute the troops 041210

This is kinda surprising. Just 2 weeks after announcing their split, the formerly engaged couple was spotted having lunch together and sources are indicating that the pair looked rather cozy. Hit the jump for details.

Via TMZ:

Michael and Nicole went to South Beverly Grill. They walked out arm-in-arm. Sources connected with the former couple tell us … they both still have love for each other and, as one source says they’d “like to work things out.”

Another source was more guarded, saying, “It was a friendly lunch. They have 7 years of history together.”

Michael seemed stunned on his way out when our photog tried to get a debrief. And much to Michael’s dismay, the restaurant has one of the worst, most congested parking lots in Bev Hills, so our guy peppered him with questions as he waited, including, “Who paid for lunch?”