What the F*ck this man is on to make him do something like this! After failing (Misearbly may I add) to break in to this poor women home as a “Naked Burguler” he did what any other crazy burgulur would do, he started masturbating on her front porch! To make matters worse, it’s all caught on camera! You can’t make this Sh!t up if you tried! Hit the jump for more .


The footage reportedly shows Howard at about 2 a.m. trying and failing to break in through the front door of the Boynton Beach house.

He then wanders around back but is stymied by gate to the backyard pool.

After stumbling through the bushes, he returns to the porch, sits on a bench and masturbates into a seat cushion, according to a police report reviewed by the Sun-Sentinel.

He eventually leaves, taking the cushion with him. Police would later find it discarded in the back yard.

The woman who lives in the home called police the next morning after noticing a pair of smashed-up lamp posts in her front yard and reviewing her security tapes.

If you can’t get in, get off

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