IFWT_Robin Williams Act Of Kindness

While Robin Williams was a great actor and artist, fans across the world are getting to see what a great person he was. Though battling his own demons, Williams was committed to doing selfless acts for others in spite of his own pain. A few month prior to his death, Williams surprised terminally ill cancer patient Vivian Waller, who’s bucket wish list was to meet him. Watch heart-warming video inside.

Vivian Waller 21, is in an Auckland hospice suffering from lung, bowel and liver cancer.The 21 year old is married, with a one year old daughter. She was diagnosed with cancer in January, and created a bucket list, where one of her wishes was to meet Robin Williams. Being too weak too travel to the U.S., Williams sent the video via email to her family.Vivian Waller is still fighting for her life, and currently in a hospice. Vivian and her husband wanted to show the video because they loved the actor, husband Jack Waller said.

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**See heartfelt video below

Robin Williams will really be missed. Not only was he great artist, but a great human being.