Every since the murder of youth Mike Brown back on August 9th in Ferguson, Missouri, the city has been in sheer turmoil, as well as a city divided. The police who have put a curfew in place to minimize the crime and looting, resorted to the use of tear gas on protesters to uphold the midnight curfew. Shortly after 9pm the police began firing off tear gas. See detailed report inside.

Ferguson is still in utter chaos, and to make matters worse, the autopsy report was released which indicates unarmed Mike Brown was shot six times, twice in the head and four times in the right arm.

Andrea G

St. Louis Dispatch reports

“FERGUSON • Police fired tear gas on protesters in Ferguson shortly after 9 p.m., causing some to flee for safety.

The gas was fired at the southern end of the protest area, near Solway Avenue. Police told demonstrators “Get off the street now.”

Protesters began marching south on West Florissant Avenue toward Lucas and Hunt Road. About 10 to 15 minutes into the march, something happened and police began firing tear gas.

Police have made their way north on West Florissant to Canfield Drive. Many officers wore riot gear and gas masks. Some errant tear gas canisters landed in nearby neighborhoods.

Demonstrators laid bricks on West Florissant in the path of police.

Police ordered protesters to “disperse from the area immediately” and that those who didn’t comply “are subject to arrest.”

Protesters shot off aerial fireworks in the area. Police ordered cameramen to turn off their lights.”

I wonder if things will get getter better anytime soon in Ferguson. What do you think has be done to reinstate peace there?