The good, good. Some people just can’t resist, especially most rappers and some singers (ahem..Miley ahem..). But one rapper has refused and stated in the past, that he would not partake in smoking that good s**t before or on stage. Well, it seem like someone went back on his word and it’s not the first time!
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Nqobi C

Yesterday (Tuesday, August 19), Drake and Lil Wayne performed in Queens, New York’s Forest Hills Stadium.

During their performance, like a pro, drake rolled up a joint, while the other hand held the microphone, and enjoyed it on stage between tracks with Lil’ Wayne.

Drake has been open about his use of marijuana, one time saying to the Guardian saying,

“All within moderation. I care too much about what I have. I’m not going to throw it away for that.
I don’t understand people who can go out on stage under the influence of anything, I have to be straight and clear minded, kids at home.”

Well his opinion soon did a 180 when he first smoked on stage with Wiz Khalifa. Drake was cheered on when he declared to the audience that he had never done this on stage before.

Seems like someone is enjoying the vibe of performing high

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