Joe Budden x Audely

Oh my! Joe Budden is once again embroiled in a domestic violence rumor, which, if you’ll recall, also happened in 2011 with his then-girlfriend, Esther Baxter. Those rumors never really were confirmed, however, as both parties maintain their side of the story to this day.

The newest rumor involves Joey’s latest girlfriend, who began dating the New Jersey rapper earlier this year. In a series of tweets last month, however, Joe revealed they’d already broken up, but in photos at his house posted to Audely’s Instagram account as recently as last week, it appeared they were on the way to a reconciliation. I’m guessing that’s no longer the case now, though…

Marisa Mendez

“I wonder what the check looks like when ppl feed MediaTakeOut these stories..” Joe tweeted this morning, in response to an explosive report from the over-sensationalized gossip site.

With accompanying photos of Audely’s alleged injuries, as well as a police report, MTO shared a letter purporting to be from a friend of the bottle waitress, detailing the events that allegedly occurred this past weekend. In the letter, it says the breakup was attributed to Joe cheating on Audely with strippers, and that since then, Audely has been club-hopping to keep her mind off the split. Apparently Joe came across a few pics of Audely partying it up, and became so enraged, he showed up to a restaurant where she was eating with friends in Washington Heights on Sunday morning, and demanded she get in his car.

“When she entered his car he immediately bashed her head into the dashboard of the car and drove off with her to his house,” the letter reads. “When they arrive into his drive way he dragged her out the car her kicking and screaming and he repeatedly punched and kicked her in the ground.

Once inside the home he choked her to the point she thought he was going to kill her. She said he had to fight her way off him, gasping for air. He spitted in her face and threatened her not to tell anyone. She said the look on his face was dreadful like he had no soul.”

Audely eventually was able to leave, and filed a police report in both New Jersey (where Joe lives) and New York (where she was picked up from,) but no arrests have been made. Once news hit this morning, Joe openly tweeted about the incident, denying that it took place as purported. His tweets are available in the gallery.